Losing Touch

Losing touch.
Growing up sucks, sometimes it feels good, exciting, but in general, it sucks. It almost feels like you are stranded on a lost island.
I went out with some school friends of mine; the Durga Poojas have started. But that excitement, that child-like enthusiasm is dead, it’s no more.
“People change”, the phrase becomes more true, more prominent day by day. People’s attitude change, their behavior, the way they talk, their attire, everything changes. What the hell, I have changed so much, at least that’s what I’ve heard from almost every single friend of mine recently.
Is it good? Is it bad? I have no idea. But it is no good for the group that I am sure of. That core excitement is gone, you know, roaming around the city from pandal to pandal, walking through those massive crowds teasing each other, sharing a few secrets, laughing at each other, at our poor jokes, very poor jokes. Now it’s all about seeing those familiar faces once a year and taking a few pictures for proof. It is so sad that it makes you laugh.
Most of us leave early now, making excuses far from the truth; The truth that it is boring now. And it is hard to blame them, even I want to leave early most of the times.
Too many secrets we are hiding now, so many emotions, so many untold stories. A little bragging about the little bit of good happening in our lives seems to be the easy way out. It is hard to trust each other now; trust fades if you only meet once or twice a year just for the sake of it.
But there’s always this guy, this idiot friend of ours whom we cuss so much, neglect so much, regret having so much, but deep inside we all care for; and I think he is the sole reason we haven’t drifted apart with the tides.

Hey guys, I think you have experienced similar scenarios, if not exactly the same, and I know it sucks.
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So please Like, Share & Comment your opinions, I’d really like to know.

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