Swimming desperately

We are trying to swim desperately in this ocean, this violent sea of egotism; The sea that emerged from a drop of self-respect. But we soon cease to realize when that drop has become so big, so huge; so much so that now we are drowning, panting desperately for that last gasp of breath just to stay alive.
Those unresolved conversations, those little fights, those little “something”s, pile up so much on our chests that we are not able to cough it out anymore, we are not able to breathe anymore.

In this ocean nothing is right, no one is wrong, the waves are the master of their own will, slashing and thrashing and washing everything away, engulfing within its vastness every bit of urge to make everything right.
No one is wrong here, no one can afford to compromise, no one wants to. Everyone is the hero of their own tale, everyone was right all along, but suffering still, drowning still.

And the sad part of the ocean is, don’t know if it’s good or bad, but in the end the only thing that saves us, the only thing that keeps us afloat, alive, is the small plank of our egotistic minds.

This “ego” kicked in after a fight between me and a person I used to know. This ego helped me get over the pain of separation, the pain of bidding farewel to our friendship and maybe something more. But still I don’t know if it’s better or worse than it was before.

You tell me.


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