Reasons “why” you love someone

“How do you love someone?” is a difficult question with answers that will vary a lot. But “Why?”, now that’s a more interesting question, a fun question. I’ve seen boyfriends being victims of this dreadful question by their “then” significant others, and there’s a reason I use “then”. I myself can be called a veteran of sorts.

Anyway, it is a trick question to answer. Reasons like beauty, intelligence or both sound nice but somehow they depreciate “Love” as an entity. It is too twisted a thing to be described by words. How do you describe it then?
Passion? Feeling of affection? Obviously, they are a part of Love, but a very small part. I’ve seen love in their eyes when my parents’ quarrel; How to describe that?
If someone asks me why I love my mother and if the answer is just because she gave birth to me and I’ve known her my entire life, I wouldn’t be a good son, would I?

I love a lot of people, used to love a few more, but whenever I ask myself “why?”, I am lost.
It is true for things as well. Why does someone love football? Why does someone love to paint, write or to do anything? Just because they may be good at it is a lousy reason.

After a lot of thinking and a little help from a Grandpa (whom I met a by the lake, who came for a morning walk with his wife he has been married to for the last 53 years), I’ve finally found the answer.

So the reason “why” you Love someone or something is simply because “You don’t know why!”
You try to think of so many reasons but at last, when you fail, the mystery is what you fall in love with.


May we all fall in love with someone and something for no reason.

And a Merry Christmas to all.

Read “She is The Enchantress”. You’ll like it.


15 thoughts on “Reasons “why” you love someone

  1. Wonderful and thought provoking post!!! Everyone wants to know the answer to that age old question and I think your answer is such a great one!!! It’s a mystery!! It seems to be like the human genome. Way too complex and uniquely individualized to give a set answer. I love the answer that sort of proves the truth of your post. “Why are you in love?” – “because I can’t imagine living life without her/him!!”.

    So, since you have opened this mysterious box of questions about love perhaps you should next address another age old question – why do people who fell in love with a person do a 180 degree turnabout and no longer love that person, after years of being together (sometimes decades) and say “I don’t LOVE YOU anymore. I want a divorce”?? I’m thinking maybe the answer to that question isn’t quite so mysterious? Ha? There is usually a long list of answers to “Why don’t you love me anymore?” See my post on “Specific Request” and “How do you know if you have found your Soulmate?” at TheReluctantPoet.

    I look forward to following you and seeing your new posts!!

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