Mind is an afternoon,

Though not a normal one,
An afternoon right before a storm.
Everything so colorful,
But not too bright.
Nature in the perfect light,
The perfect form,
The perfect contrast;
The skies smothered by clouds,
Painted with a tint of Red,
As if painted by a lover with his own blood,
The very blood coursing through his veins.
The grass looks greener,
Greener and brighter;
Enlightened with joy.
They are waiting,
Waiting to be drenched,
Drenched by the sweet water of Heaven.

Blows in a gentle breeze,
Soft and slow,
Brings in an essence of tranquility;
Brushes through the locks
Of a girl; a woman rather,
A woman on the rooftop.
She lets out a smile, gentle and guileless,
Takes a deep breath
And looks up,
Up at the sky:
Her eyes shining; glistening with that tint of Red in them.
Are those eyes just reflecting the cloud’s colors?
Or is the vermilion hue a sign of passion;
A sign of happiness, or is it
A sign of hopeless love?
No one knows.
Her expressions vague,

Her mind lost in the breeze.

Despite the vividity in nature,
The setting is a little dark,
A little dispirited,
A sweet melancholy as if.
Just then the wind picks up speed
The breeze turns into a gale.
Oh how the trees sway,
Freely and madly with the rhythm,
The rhythm of nature’s chaotic harmony.
And then,
A flash of lightning strikes a distant somewhere,
Creating an inverted vortex amidst those scarlet billows.
A vortex leading straight to Heaven,
Lets in a streak of light,
A light not too intense,
A light not too strong,
Soothing rather;
Inducing a stream of thoughts,
Lucid thoughts,
Happy thoughts,
In the mind of one who observes.

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