Sitting at the café, Alone

Sitting at the café, Alone
I wonder, waiting,
The only thing in my hands now
Is a cup of tea, getting cold.

Why do I not love you anymore?
Why do I not look at the door and expect
You’d come back, today, tomorrow, this week?
Why are my senses going numb so?
I see people, new faces, I smile
But not mean it once, trust me I don’t.

Why do I not feel it’s your fault anymore?
Why do I not expect you
To come back through that door?
I know you don’t love me, still,
Was it just mere reciprocity
That it’s gone too, my love for you?

I’m more afraid than I should be
Yet braver than I ever was.
I am sure not, which one the cover is.
Because I know, if we meet again someday
I’ll maybe stay, stare and not smile,
Or maybe I will, maybe I’ll laugh,
But again, not mean it for once.


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