Why does the Man not Cry?

Why does the Man not cry,
Always having an alibi?
Why won’t he shed a tear?
Is it ignorance, or just fear?
Fear of his manhood catching rust,
Or is it just a matter of trust?
Trust you have in him
In times of sorrow,
Trust that for you
He’ll be there tomorrow.

So why does this Man not cry,
Always having an alibi?
Ever since, he left his teens,
Who knows where his mind has been?
His life took a drastic turn,
Had to decide what he’d earn.
A pile of money would not be enough,
He’d to earn respect and love.
So many things he had to decide,
So many worries he had to hide.

So why does this Man not cry,
Always ready with an alibi?
“It’s an incompetence!”, one often thinks,
The responsibilities are in which he sinks.
Even when someone close, now dies,
This Man stands still and never cries.
Having realized, life isn’t a hoax,
Soon he drowns in cigarette smoke.
And Looking at his whiskey glass,
He thinks how the next day’ll pass.
But lets none see the fear in his eyes,
Always ready with soothing lies.

So does the Man never cry?
Well I don’t think that believe you would,
But yes he does, he does indeed,
When the Man’s in solitude.
Drunk and tired, fully worn out,
Tired of living this life in doubt.
But then up he stands,
Takes a deep, conscious breath
Lets out a gentle smile,
Maybe showing some signs of faith.
These silent tears that made him strong,
They keep him in the Game for long.

So why indeed does the Man not cry,
Always has an alibi?

Thanks for reading.
This is one of the first poems I wrote. I was quite rusty back then, but I hope you still liked it.
Try reading one of my latest, “Happiness and Poetry
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