Kolkata: The Selfish City

Kolkata is very selfish.
She takes away a lot from you, more than it ever gives back.
Every tiny secret you have, she knows, every bit of love you felt, every little heartbreak and the apparent closures, she knows about every single lie. You are the one who tells her everything.
She just makes sure to look you in the eye every morning and give a gentle smile.
And with that smile, she captures your soul, keeps them in tiny corked-up bottles she decorates her shelves with; keeps them close to her heart. After all, these are her most prized processions, most valuable showpieces.
Sure, Kolkata has heritage and culture, a wide range of festivals and amazing food to show off. But those are only to lure in the interested, the ones who want to be vulnerable for a moment, ones willing to surrender themselves to her for a moment. These little bottled up souls are the ones she cherishes the most, she loves the most.
When you are with her you feel whole again, you fall in love again.
But the difference is only felt when you leave her, you feel a void inside you as if a part you chose to stay behind. Those shelves stay full only in hope that you’d return in search of them at least once.
Kolkata is very selfish. She may be the city of Joy, but mostly the city of Heartbreaks so that at last, the only one you stay in love with is Kolkata herself.

I hope you liked it. The ones who have left the City can relate, I hope. Visit Kolkata, it’s beautiful.
And before you do, go read one of my previous posts – “Losing Touch

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