being Childish

I like being childish.

Childish is fun, not necessarily simple, but fun. It is fun to wake up every day, put on the hard, upright shell of an adult. It is fun to pretend to take all the responsibilities that come with that shell. It is fun to look at others in the eye with a fake smile and wait as it turns into a real one, but for a whole different reason.

It is fun to make new mistakes every single day and not give up, learn how others react, how you react, how you respond, if at all you do.
It is fun to be stuck in the same loop day after day stupidly hoping tomorrow will be different; And surprisingly it does change, everything changes, falls apart. It is fun to pick out the essentials from the ruins and then build it all up again, brick by brick. Even though it is not as perfect as before, but it is something you created and it is beautiful.

It is fun playing around with Ego. Although the cuts and bruises hurt a lot, as the shell gets stronger, they disappear in no time.
It is fun to stand in front of the mirror, look at that adult cover of yours right in the eye, the eyes that are dying by the second, the teardrops becoming more stubborn, more reluctant to come out.
It is childish to look at yourself in those drying eyes and say,
“I will see tomorrow’s Sun. It’ll be fun.”

I like being childish. Childish is fun.

picture by Dmitry Ratushny
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