a penny for a Thought

One can certainly agree that uncertainty is very certain in one’s life because, for that very uncertainness, times will appear certainly when all hopes, all possibilities will seem to disappear and then reappear sometimes, or at times be even gone for good, making place, making space for new hopes, new ideas, new possibilities to appear, and that appearance or reappearance, whatever you may call it, brings in an apparent feeling of joy in one’s mind which compells him/her to think about the chain of thoughts that led to that particular thoughtful or sometimes even thoughless state of mind, which after being thought of has made way to such admirable bliss because knowing it raises the chances of one being called a knowledgeable person who knows exactly what to know and what should remain unknown for the greater good of this vast universe we know of.
You know?

Hey guys, this just a figment of my weird sense of humor. I’ll just not dare ask you how you felt, but you can always Comment.

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Anyway, I am writing after a LOOOOOONNG time. How have you been?

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