When fate fucks you over

‘When fate fucks you over, no religion, no God, no superhero can save you from it. So brace yourself.’
This statement has proved its worth since days I can’t even remember. It is still true today.
Today we are on this overnight bus ride instead of a train, a luxury, just because fate chose to fuck us over. Trust me, you wouldn’t care for profanities if you were here sitting by my side.
The sad thing is that bad luck brings in regrets as well. Regrets over almost all the decisions we have made in the near past —
“Only if our timing was a little better..”
”Only if we had realized a bit sooner..”
“Only if we weren’t such big fat fools..”

But what’s the use now? I know, we’ll laugh together about this day once we’re back home.
As of now, all of us, the big fat fools have flocked together on this bus and I have told you the reason a few times now.
Abhi Delhi bahut door (Delhi’s too far), literally.

All I can do now is enjoy this jerky bus ride. I have chuckled quite a few times  —  signs of insanity. My sleep-deprived eyes are taking turns keeping a watch on the luggage and the road ahead lit up by street lamps too far apart.

Alright, I won’t complain anymore, this bus ride isn’t all that bad. After all, it’s getting us there. As the whole bus rattles along, in the background plays some Bollywood songs so old, even my local saloon doesn’t play them anymore. Though not too beautiful, they are soothing both me and the driver, the only two people awake tonight — The only two people who must be awake tonight. We both have stories to tell once the Sun comes out.

Till then, there always are those road signs every 50 miles or so; they both mock and console saying, “Wish you a very Happy journey.”
Only when fate fucks you over…

Hello everyone! a GOOD MORNING to you.

There always are those difficult days, aren’t there?

I am back after a very beautiful trip, let’s have a conversation.

Let me know in the COMMENTS a funny disturbing memory you still have.

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Read The one back home. You’ll love it.

See you soon.


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