Leaving home

I am leaving. Well, not forever, I know I’ll be back in a month or two, back to my home sweet home. When I return I’ll be on a two-month long vacation. Yes, two long months. I have no idea what I’ll do in those two months, maybe go hang out with some old friends, maybe have… Continue reading Leaving home

Sitting at the café, Alone

Sitting at the café, Alone I wonder, waiting, The only thing in my hands now Is a cup of tea, getting cold. Why do I not love you anymore? Why do I not look at the door and expect You’d come back, today, tomorrow, this week? Why are my senses going numb so? I see… Continue reading Sitting at the café, Alone


Mind is an afternoon, Though not a normal one, An afternoon right before a storm. Everything so colorful, But not too bright. Nature in the perfect light, The perfect form, The perfect contrast; The skies smothered by clouds, Painted with a tint of Red, As if painted by a lover with his own blood, The… Continue reading Mind

A Meeting with Hitler: Feb 6, 1945

1945, February 6th, The day my life I risked. It was over a game of golf, Was chatting with Hitler, yes, Adolf. Oh, I am a 127 years old, A secret no one I’ve ever told. And I had a cuppa tea with the Führer, It’s fact, not fiction, I couldn’t be surer. “So Führer”,… Continue reading A Meeting with Hitler: Feb 6, 1945

Reasons “why” you love someone

“How do you love someone?” is a difficult question with answers that will vary a lot. But “Why?”, now that’s a more interesting question, a fun question. I’ve seen boyfriends being victims of this dreadful question by their “then” significant others, and there’s a reason I use “then”. I myself can be called a veteran… Continue reading Reasons “why” you love someone

Swimming desperately

Everyone is the hero of their own tale, everyone was right all along, but suffering still, drowning still…

One last peg

And so it was final, we were going to get drunk after midnight. The mid-terms were over. All the plans and arrangements were made, and a bottle of whisky was snuck in, into the hostel. Our guards were up, we were on the lookout for Parida, the warden, the annoying one. But it really cracked… Continue reading One last peg