Reasons “why” you love someone

“How do you love someone?” is a difficult question with answers that will vary a lot. But “Why?”, now that’s a more interesting question, a fun question. I’ve seen boyfriends being victims of this dreadful question by their “then” significant others, and there’s a reason I use “then”. I myself can be called a veteran… Continue reading Reasons “why” you love someone

Swimming desperately

Everyone is the hero of their own tale, everyone was right all along, but suffering still, drowning still…

One last peg

And so it was final, we were going to get drunk after midnight. The mid-terms were over. All the plans and arrangements were made, and a bottle of whisky was snuck in, into the hostel. Our guards were up, we were on the lookout for Parida, the warden, the annoying one. But it really cracked… Continue reading One last peg

The Night Song

I watched the night, At her beauty I gazed. Through a window, through a frame, The frame the building had restricted me to, I watched the city. The city twinkled, crushed under the heavy unlit sky, With distant cars and streetlights: A thousand photographers trying as if, Trying to have the perfect shot, But each time, failing. I stared at the… Continue reading The Night Song

Losing Touch

Losing touch. Growing up sucks, sometimes it feels good, exciting, but in general, it sucks. It almost feels like you are stranded on a lost island. I went out with some school friends of mine; the Durga Poojas have started. But that excitement, that child-like enthusiasm is dead, it’s no more. “People change”, the phrase… Continue reading Losing Touch