Why did I fall in love with you?

Why did I fall in love with you? Maybe not the first But by the second day, I knew, “This girl, I need, a blissful curse.” You were like the sacred trees, You were like the winter breeze, Not too soothing on first sight, Too sharp to bicker and to fight, But you were there… Continue reading Why did I fall in love with you?


I am lost, lost in the darkness, this darkness inside. I do not know now where I can hide anymore. I’m lost in this labyrinth, this labyrinth of broken dreams; daydreams and nightmares – it is too hard to tell them apart. All I can hear now are the echoes I once created, striking me hard… Continue reading Lost

Red Skies

The sky is all red, Red like the eyes of that girl crying, Crying about something, A little unclear, a little muddled, She has already forgotten “why?” But she cannot forget the pain. When the rain caresses your cheeks, You can almost feel the sorrow, Her sorrow. It’s cold, But in some ways still is… Continue reading Red Skies

Happiness and Poetry

Oh, how poetry ceases to be found when happiness is. The comfort, the exhilaration, the joy, all of it overshadows and suppresses all the aesthetics, all the intellect trying to pen down a poem. The feel is there, that sweet scent in the air present, but how do one find words for a perfect fit.… Continue reading Happiness and Poetry

Sitting at the café, Alone

Sitting at the café, Alone I wonder, waiting, The only thing in my hands now Is a cup of tea, getting cold. Why do I not love you anymore? Why do I not look at the door and expect You’d come back, today, tomorrow, this week? Why are my senses going numb so? I see… Continue reading Sitting at the café, Alone


Mind is an afternoon, Though not a normal one, An afternoon right before a storm. Everything so colorful, But not too bright. Nature in the perfect light, The perfect form, The perfect contrast; The skies smothered by clouds, Painted with a tint of Red, As if painted by a lover with his own blood, The… Continue reading Mind