Why did I fall in love with you?

Why did I fall in love with you? Maybe not the first But by the second day, I knew, “This girl, I need, a blissful curse.” You were like the sacred trees, You were like the winter breeze, Not too soothing on first sight, Too sharp to bicker and to fight, But you were there… Continue reading Why did I fall in love with you?


I am lost, lost in the darkness, this darkness inside. I do not know now where I can hide anymore. I’m lost in this labyrinth, this labyrinth of broken dreams;¬†daydreams and nightmares – it is too hard to tell them apart. All I can hear now are the echoes I once created, striking me hard… Continue reading Lost

being Childish

I like being childish. Childish is fun, not necessarily simple, but fun. It is fun to wake up every day, put on the hard, upright shell of an adult. It is fun to pretend to take all the responsibilities that come with that shell. It is fun to look at others in the eye with… Continue reading being Childish